NexGen Inquiry Quests

NexGen Inquiry

How It Works

Compelling scenarios capture student interest while introducing them to a real-world problem they can solve with science. Story-driven videos guide students through a process of scientific inquiry and hands-on experimentation. Students exercise critical and creative thinking through scientific journaling, collaborate with peers, and apply what they learn to make the world a better place. Save time and master science standards with these low-prep, high-engagement video-guided quests.
Each quest includes 3 inquiry-based investigations, each 1 hour in length. You determine your class teams and give them access to the supplies. The videos guide students through the investigations as you facilitate, troubleshoot, and look out for those teachable moments!

What's Included With NexGen Inquiry Quests:

Student-facing videos and instructions to conduct science investigations and/or engineering challenges
Teacher Notes to facilitate and extend learning
Real-world connections (videos from actual scientists)
Collaboration opportunities
Scientific Journal with prompts for critical thinking
Formative and summative assessments
Correlation to NGSS
List of inexpensive, easy-to-find materials (or purchase supply kit separately)
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