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VAEI's instructional model provides a framework to support scientific inquiry.

We use this model to transform any lesson into an inquiry-based learning experience.

Learning Environment

Create an environment where students engage in rich discussions, share responsibility for learning, and are supported in taking risks.

Process of Scientific Inquiry

Engage curiosity with inquiry-based instruction so students construct knowledge and meaning through a process of discovery.

Habits of Mind

Foster a growth mindset where students think critically and creatively, persevere through challenges, and are open to new ideas.

*VAEI Instructional Model for Engineering Design also available.

"My kids and I love the NexGen Inquiry software. What a great tool for engaging students in inquiry." Kristy B., Forest Hills Central High School
"With a few clicks and cut and paste, NexGen Inquiry was so quick and easy to start using with students. I’ve had so much fun using it in my classroom!" Marcella M., Grand Haven High School

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