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Promoting inquiry-based science and engineering

All products and resources follow Van Andel Institute’s Process of Scientific Inquiry or Process of Engineering Design. The VAI Instructional Model integrates the process of science and engineering with a rich learning environment while nurturing scientific habits of mind.
NexGen Inquiry

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NexGen Inquiry Quests

Asynchronous student-facing videos and instructions to conduct science investigations and/or engineering challenges


Colorful, visual reminders of the model posters and student prompt posters for improved instruction

Sticker Books

Visual, tactile, color-coded labels that mirror the components of VAi’s Instructional Models

Component Cards

Classroom-ready wall cards that highlight each component of VAI’s Instructional Models.
NexGen Inquiry®

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All products and resources follow VAI’s Process of Scientific Inquiry or Process of Engineering Design and foster the development of Scientific Habits of Mind.

Video-Guided Science Challenges

Prepping and delivering science lessons can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you want them to be inquiry-based, hands-on, and highly engaging. NexGen Inquiry Quests can help!

Real World Connections

Collaboration Opportunities

Content Correlated to NGSS

Grades 3-8

Inquiry Quest Pricing

-$29 per quest (without supplies)

– Supply kits available for each quest (prices vary).

NexGen Inquiry

What is inquiry-based science?

Science is messy. Investigations don’t always follow a nice, tidy process, and findings often surprise you. At Van Andel Institute for Education, we help teachers prepare students for this reality. We equip them with the tools and know-how to implement inquiry-based science and engineering.

In an inquiry-based classroom, students:
Tackle questions to which they don’t already know the answer
Play a driving role in their learning process
Make time for reflection and analysis
Work harder than the teacher!

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Making the process of scientific inquiry visible in the classroom with posters, prompts, and other tools helps foster a classroom culture of curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.
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