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The Resource Library provides practical and timely resources to optimize your impact in the classroom. Discover easy-to-implement strategies that support the processes of scientific inquiry and engineering design, scientific habits of mind, and a rich, collaborative learning environment.

NexGen Inquiry Community

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The NexGen Inquiry Community offers a place for like-minded educators to share lessons and ideas, give teaching strategies, and support one another in implementing inquiry-based science. Engage in the community for ongoing encouragement and support.

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VAEI supports implementation of inquiry-based learning from start to finish!
Our Sustained Training and Instructional Tools support a transformation of science instruction.

Stage 1
Small Changes; Big Results
  • Experience inquiry in order to build awareness and create a compelling classroom vision
  • Cultivate a growth mindset and make small changes to instruction
  • Utilize strategies that nurture curiosity and encourage collaboration
Stage 2
Making Inquiry a Habit
  • Deliver and facilitate standards-aligned, science-based investigations
  • Implement strategies that routinely develop critical and creative thinking
  • Incorporate student choice effectively and with confidence
Stage 3
Deeper Levels of Inquiry
  • Implement sequences of inquiry-based investigations
  • Guide students effectively in rigorous analysis and discourse
  • Incorporate VAEI engineering design as appropriate
Stage 4
Transformed Science Instruction
  • Support student-driven investigations on a regular basis
  • Facilitate collaboration in an established rich learning environment
  • Develp habits of mind consistently and across all learning

All VAEI workshops offer teachers:

  • An interactive opportunity to experience an investigation that models inquiry-based science.
  • Strategies for successfully incorporating a process of scientific inquiry, as well as a classroom culture of thinking and collaboration.
  • Support in implementation throughout the year with individualized action plans and frequent feedback loops.

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