Our Heritage

We believe that when students are supported to think and act like scientists, their natural curiosity expands to unlock a lifelong passion for learning. This is as true today as it was when we began our journey in 1996.

Our journey began by working closely with national innovators in K-12 education and our regional education partners to explore what was needed to advance science and engineering instruction. This work resulted in the development of a unique, inquiry-based instructional model, which we call the QPOE2® process.

In 2005 we opened our Innovation Lab, putting our theory into practice. The next year we began out-of-school student programs using our QPOE2® instructional model, encouraging students to think and act like scientists. To date we have worked with more than 5,000 students at our Innovation Lab, continually developing our inquiry-based, teacher-support solutions.

In 2008 we launched our teacher professional-development programs. To date, we have conducted hands on, inquiry teaching and learning experiences with more than 2,000 teachers. We estimate that over the past seven years more than 200,000 students have been impacted by the science and engineering teachers we have supported.

In 2014 we announced the launch of our web-based NexGen Inquiry® national initiative to provide tools to support teachers throughout North America.