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Assign lessons and connect with your students with our interactive Teacher Classroom and Student Journal. There's nothing to install–it's completely web-based.

a screenshot of NexGen Inquiry Classroom

NexGen Inquiry Teacher Classroom

Platform for inquiry-based teaching and learning.

  • Create investigation lessons, assign them to your students, and review their work in real time.
  • Save time with ready-to-use lessons or modify them to meet your needs.
  • Differentiate investigations for classes, teams, or individuals to scaffold learning.

NexGen Inquiry Student Journal

Better engagement leads to better learning.

  • Help students interpret data and construct knowledge with web-based tools that allow them to easily capture, organize, analyze, and present data.
  • Monitor students' progress and provide timely and targeted feedback with varying levels of support.
  • Give students ownership of their learning with a student journal that captures their lab experience using VAEI's research-based instructional models.

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