About Us

NexGen Inquiry® is the national outreach program for the Van Andel Education Institute Science Academy. The Science Academy is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to advancing science education to increase the number of students choosing to pursue a career in science related fields. Our 11,000 square feet Innovation Lab is a learning center where we explore, test and refine inquiry-based teaching and learning approaches with students and teachers.

19 Years

K – 12 student and teacher programs in inquiry learning

2,000 Teachers

Participated in our inquiry teaching methods programs

5,000 Students

Participated in programming in our West Michigan Innovation Lab

1 Mission

We are a dedicated team of educators with more than 200 years of combined teaching experience. Our mission is to support fellow teachers as they educate student scientists. We believe inquiry-based learning will better prepare their students for the challenges of the 21st century.

To expand our reach, we created NexGen Inquiry® – a web-based, interactive, science-investigation organizer. When envisioning our instructional support tools and capabilities we knew there were several non-negotiable requirements we needed to get right for the teachers we serve.

  1. We must honor your precious time.
  2. We must provide a solution that supports and enhances your existing curriculum.
  3. We must make inquiry-based methods easily accessible for teachers and students alike.
  4. We must make the technology transparent to support learning.
  5. We must offer a turnkey solution that helps you deliver your science standards.